submission requirements

Course requirements.

Congratulations! You have completed the learning portion of this course. Now for the practical portion and some assignments to round of your learning. You are on your way to earning your certificate of completion.

Please know that you can reach out to me via email or video call for guidance. You can reach me on [email protected]

1. Submit a video of yourself with teaching a one hour yoga class with at least one student. Do not edit your class. Just be natural and you will be fine. The poses in this course are grouped according to chakra regions they are most likely to affect. You can use this as a guide for the class teaching requirement at the end of the course. The one hour must include a quick introduction, any mantras, pranayama or meditation, the asanas and the final relaxation or savasana. Please review item 6 of the lecture on Class Sequencing and Timing as a guide.

Mantras, pranayama and meditation are optional. This is the asana portion of the course requirement. There is a separate requirement to teach a 20 minute pranayama and meditation class.

If you are unsure, you can submit your list of asanas first for guidance and correction. This is not a requirement. If you are confident, you can go ahead and shoot your video.

You will get feedback for your video from me. You may have to submit your video more than once for improvements. Don’t worry, this is normal and is all done in the name of improving your craft.

If you feel too limited by the chakra-sequence requirement and are ready to explore different way of sequencing a class, please contact me to discuss your creative options.

2. Submit a 20 minute video of yourself leading a pranayama and meditation class. You do not need students for this video but feel free to have students you want.

Structure the session in this way:

Begin the session by describing what can be expected in the next 20 minutes. Your introduction can be short or long, any length you like. The introduction is part of the full 20 minutes.

Guide the students in a session of belly breathing (include awareness of the breath)

Include at least one of the folllowing :

   a. alternate nostril breathing

   b. Ujjayi breathing

   c. Bhramaree breathing

4. Include at lest one of the following - 

meditation on lovingkindness

meditation on a particular chakra

meditation on the moving the prank up and down the shushumna

3. Autobiography of a Yogi by Pramahansa Yogananda. Read the book (available free online). Submit a 3-5 page summary and reflection.