Sun Salutation (surya namaskara)

The sun salutation is a wonderful way of warning up at the beginning of any yoga class. Anyone can do a sun salutation with a little help of modifications for trickier areas such as the forward bend - bending the knees help relieve lower back pain aused by tight hamstrings.

Once you have mastered teaching the sun salutation, the other poses will be very easy to learn to teach. So don't worry if it takes you a few times to master this. You will need to be able to teach the sun salutation with a flow for it to become an effective warm up. First try to teach the sun salutation giving much detail in each position and then try to teach it in under 2 minutes. Keep practicing until you get a good flow and it feels natural.

Try this - incorporate child's pose instead of the knee-chest-chin pose (ashtangasana) or substitute the sphinx pose for the cobra